Don't just recover.

The magic of body repair happens mostly at night when you’re fast asleep.

At Aurena, we're working on nutrition products, designed to support your body's natural repair time, so you can take on the battles of tomorrow, the night before.

Coming Soon.

As someone who seems to share our passion for improved physical and mental performance, we're excited to introduce you to Aurena.

Conceived by our team of innovators and entrepreneurs passionate about performance and excellence, we are a group of elite athletes, outdoor sports fanatics, science nerds and dietitians who geek out on new insights related to improving our quality of life, productivity, and overall awesomeness.

Being aware of how your mind, body and soul work together is fundamental to improving performance and maximizing your time.

At Aurena, we stand for clean ingredients and intelligently designed formulations, that take a truly holistic view of the complex human experience.

We can't wait to share with you what's next for Aurena.